Boosting Conversion Rates: Unveiling Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Over the past year, I helped my friend run an online store and found something cool. About every 6 to 10 times someone added products to the cart, only one of them actually ended up buying. Most folks who added things to the cart, though, didn’t finish the deal. So, we did some testing to figure out the cart abandonment issue.

cart abandonment

After looking into it, we realized a bunch of things made people back off before buying. Two biggies were getting a good deal and worrying about return or exchange after buying. These ideas came from putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Imagine, when someone’s thinking of buying, putting stuff in the cart is just the start. Once they’ve done that, they might check prices on other sites. So, if they see our prices are great or we tell them we’ve got an even better deal, they’re more likely to hit that buy button.

Right before people click to pay, some still get cold feet. Especially if they’re buying pricey stuff, they start wondering about refunds and exchange policy. So, we’re thinking about making links to our return and exchange policy really easy to spot on the cart and checkout pages. Clicking the links would open a new window, so they can quickly see what they’re worried about and feel better.

To tackle those two issues, we made some changes on the cart page. We added a popup for folks to sign up with their email and get discount codes. Plus, we put the return and exchange policy links front and center on the cart page. After about a week of testing, more people went from their carts to actually buying stuff. Also, by emailing coupon codes to people who had stuff in their carts, we stopped some from changing their minds.

Now, as I work on Focux+ and get ready to launch our first Shopify theme, I’m focusing on adding these tricks of reduce cart abandonment to the theme. A good E-Commerce theme is not just about looking good, but being super useful too. So, if you’re into our first theme, stay in the loop by joining our email list. You’ll be the first to know about what we’re up to!


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